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Imagine a sports radio station featuring as much cycling coverage as traditional stations invest in football, basketball, and baseball!

AdventureSports Radio’s unique concept for webradio provides advertisers a media solution that was previously only available to a few companies. Sports Talk radio is one of the most listened to formats in radio history. With the emergence of the Internet, a webradio station that uses this format to bring the non-mainstream sports and events to an audience that craves coverage and insight to these elements is AdventureSports Radio.

Radio advertising has a long history of being influental to a mobile and active society. Webcasting is the newest medium to encompass markets that are otherwise to small or fragmented to establish a foothold in traditional and regional radio. (webcasting 101)

Listen to a recent interview AdventureSports Radio had with traditional sports/talk radio station in Sacramento, CA. (KHTK interview)

Why advertise online? Truth is Coming Out. Survey after survey the online audience proves to be educated and affluent, and the Internet is a vehicle into its cumulative mind.
Study the charts in the story linked below. It should convince you that the advantages
of placing ads online will soon start being acknowledged. Related Story: BizReport


  • Audio advertising allows advertisers to benefit from creative production elements.
  • With the added advantage of repetition, audio ads make lasting impact on consumers.
  • Advertisers can showcase themselves with focused advertising.
  • Webradio is very cost effective.
  • ASR’s average listening time is greater than 45 minutes, allowing the advertisers message to be remembered.
  • Show sponsorship includes on-air mentions going into and out of stop sets, plus two 30-second ads tying sponsorship together.
  • Ad spots are based on inserts into live and archived content. Ad spots are spread throughout the programming day. (Ads are logged and air-check can be provided upon request)
  • Sponsors get mentions into and out of each spot set, up to 8 times per hour.
  • Basic ad development zero cost to advertiser.
  • Advertisers and sponsors are provided button and banner space as available on ASR homepage.
  • Shows are cross-promoted by The Daily Peloton.
    National broadcast events have been also been promoted by, &

Station Stats:

  • Listeners per month (peak)—18,960 for normal programming.
  • Listeners per event broadcast—800 to 5515 per day. (SFGP 800+,CX Nationals 1045, SBC 3218, SOC 5515)
  • Average listening time--45 minutes
  • Alexa ranking—119,361
  • Page views per month—21k
  • 80% of listeners are in the United States.

Listener demographics:

  • 75% male
  • 80% 24-60 years of age
  • 80% household income greater than $75k per year
  • 65% College educated
  • 100% of listeners surveyed said they would buy an advanture sport related product or sevice within the next 12 months.

AdventureSports Radio is the station for the following marketers:

  • Cycling manufacturers
  • Automobile manufactures
  • Endurance event sponsors
  • Retail suppliers
  • Apparel manufactures
  • Business to business
  • Team sponsors
  • Travel and tour services
  • Regional travel destinations
  • Hotel services
  • Performance nutritional products
  • Outdoor related marketers
  • Coaching services
  • Posters, calendars and books
  • Internet service providers, computer, software and related items
  • Telecommunications

Types of advertising & sponsorship:

  • Show sponsors, not to exceed 4 per hour, per month. (WOS, TC*)
  • Ad spots. (30/60 sec)
  • Event sponsors. (calendar, duration, promotional)
  • Limited promotional (value not to exceed 50% in inventory selling price)**
  • Mention (if you bring me a pizza, and I like it, I’ll tell everybody that you did)


  • 1 hour show sponsorship $250 per month. (Limit 4)
  • 30 second ad spot--$9
  • 60 second ad spot--$17.50
  • 90 second ad spots--$25
  • Event broadcast costs vary according to duration, location and services provided.


Please contact AdventureSports Radio with any questions, tell us what your marketing goals are, and let us make a plan that right for you.

In addition, AdventureSports Radio has partnered with a group of websites to offer a diverse combination of ad oportunities. Please visit their media kits and then give us a call. We can taylor our products to fit your goals and budget.

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*note: Negotiate with show creators.
**note: Actual price of gear and/or services as determined by retail publications.

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